Brunei Darussalam is a peaceful and an Islamic Sultanate, the country is still covered in dense vegetation, but with its mineral resources of oil and gas Brunei has become one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Brunei Darussalam has lost none of its traditions and is proud of its culture and heritage. Their heritage is rooted in the way they follow the principles of Malay Muslim Monarchy. The Malay Muslim Monarchy is an idealogy on which are founded all the basic values of Bruneians such as their religion, family, respect of the law and their way of life.

Brunei has become the attraction of tourist because of their unique culture and traditions. Such example is weaving which is an ancient craft in Brunei Darussalam, which has always been done by women in the old days.

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Tourist Information Centre

There are four locations in Brunei, that provide information for the tourist:

--->>> Tourist Information Centre is located in Bandar Sri Begawan, the office is in the same building where the Mona Flora tour operator is and on the second floor, Brunei Rest House is located.
Opening hours : 8.00 am to 4.30 pm.

--->>> At Brunei International Airport, Berakas.
Opening hours : 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

--->>> At Kampong Ayer Cultural and Tourism Gallery
Opening hours : 9.00 am to 2.00 pm.

--->>> At Bangar Town, Temburong District.
Opening hours: 8.00 am to 12.00 pm.

**** Visitors can get information about Brunei, maps, embassy, money changer and they can get a BIG magazine for free from here.

There are 26 money changers operating in Brunei Darussalam. Money changers that  are located at the heart of Bandar Seri Begawan are:

-Al-Hassaini Money Changer
which is located at Jalan Mc Arthur.
Telephone number: +673 2231405

-Syarikat Perusahaan dan Perniagaan Liyana
which is located at Jalan Cator, Britannia House.
Telephone number : +673 234595

-Isman Money Changer
which is located at Yayasan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Foundation Complex.
Telephone number : +673 788975, 223152
332598, 222650

Public toilet are anywhere, at Shopping Complex, Restaurant, Mosque etc.

~~~~For Handicraft Souvenir

-Sumbangsih Mulia building
There are many local handicraft that are being sell by the traders in Sumbangsih Mulia.You can find local handicrafts such as 'Takiding', 'Nyiru','Tudung Dulang','Bakul','Bubu' and small handicraft that made as a keychain and more.

The local handicrafts are sell on the upper and lower floors of the Sumbangsih Mulia buildings,visitors can also find local weaved clothes here like 'Kain Tenunan', 'Kain Songket',' Kain Tenunan Jongsarat', 'Songkok' and even 'Brunei Batik'. Tourist can buy this local handicraft and weaved clothes as their souvenirs to bring home.

-Tamu Kianggeh
Tamu Kianggeh is located at the heart of Bandar Seri Begawan, near the bank of Sungai Kianggeh. In Tamu Kianggeh, tourist can buy a high quality of wooden or bamboo handicraft at its lower price. The traders in Tamu Kianggeh also sell many old porcelain and jewelry such as ringstone, old Brunei and Chinese coins for tourist to have a look and buy.

For tourist who love handicraft, they may find good bargains here as their souvenirs.

----->>> WiFi AREA
At Cyber Cafe, hotel lobby, some of the restaurants such as Coffee Bean, Mamih, Kiulap Food Zone and more.

---->>>>> EMBASSY
Philippines Embassy      contact no: 2241465
17 Spg 126 Km 2
Jalan Tutong 

Embassy Of The Republic of Korea
17 Spg 462
Kg Sg Hanching Baru     contact no: 2330248

Embassy of Japan
33 ,Spg 122 Kampong Kiulap

American Embassy
3rd FI Teck Guan Plaza contact no : 222 9670

Embassy Of the Islamic Republic of Iran 

Transportation in Brunei

----->>> Buses
Purple Bus
The Brunei Bus routes

Buses in Brunei usually operated from 6.30 am to 6.00 pm, the bus fare start from BND$1.00. The bus terminal is located at the multi-storey carpark on Jalan Cator in Bandar Seri Begawan. Buses in Brunei are purple in colour and it is the transportation for tourist and also the locals from Bandar Seri Begawan to other districts (Tutong and Kuala Belait).

----->>> Taxis
In Brunei, there are not many taxis around, but the meter taxis are available which you can get them near the hotels, shopping centres and also at the airport.

Hotline for Taxis in Bandar Seri Begawan: 2222214/2226853

----->>> Water Taxis or Riverboats
The water taxis are the most common in Kampong Ayer. In Brunei dialect it is called 'Perahu tambang'. 'Perahu' is the boat, while 'tambang' is taxi. People who live in Kampong Ayer used water taxi or riverboat as their transportation for them to commute. So, this water taxi is an ideal way to see Kampong Ayer and to visit the places of attraction of Kampong Ayer Tourism and Heritage Gallery. The water taxi usually collect their passengers from the banks of Brunei river and from Yayasan Jetty. The fares are negotiable and the standard price only costs BND$1.00.

Boat services to Temburong, start operating from 7.45 am to 5.15 pm daily. A round trip fare costs BND$15.00. If for only one way to Temburong, it only cost BND$6.00 for adults, elderly and youth BND$5.00,while children under 3 years old, free of charge. The small boat can accommodate 12 passengers, while the two times bigger boat can accommodate 24 passengers. The boats provide amenities such as life jacket and also compartment for luggages.

----->>> Ferry Services
Ferry services in Brunei is for the people who want to go the Malaysian town of Labuan, Limbang, Lawas. The Ferry services operate from 7.00 am to 4.00 pm. For Labuan destination, it departs from the Serasa Terminal in Muara town.

Functions and Conference

----->>> The Empire Hotel and Country Club
This hotel has become the choice for business meetings and other events due to its hi-tech meeting rooms.The Empire Hotel, also have Grand banquet hall with the views of the South China Sea. The hotel is the perfect venue for meetings, conference, exhibitions and incentive events.

The Conference centre consists of a Grand Ballroom, meeting rooms and open roof deck areas. The Grand Ballroom make possible to seat up 2,000 to 3,000 guests. The Empire Hotel and Country Club is now start accepting bookings for weddings, corporate events, private events, conferences and exhibitions.

----->>> Rizqun hotel
Rizqun Hotel ballroom that comes with the art audio-visual technology. They also have International conferences and seminars, wedding banquets, private meetings, annual parties, fashion shows, exhibition and more.

The facilities and the flexibility to accommodate up to 1,000 guests and provide a dining environment to make the event more memorable.

----->>> Radisson Hotel

Radisson Hotel is located in Bandar Seri Begawan, across the 'Tamu Selera' at Bandar Seri Begawan. The hotel provide facilities for the meeting and conference, even for other occasional functions. The hotel brings a level of professionalism and flexibility for people to do business corporate and forum.

The conference and meeting rooms have the high-tech audio visual equipment for meeting, and rated sound proof in the function room. While the ballroom located at ground level of the function room. The meeting room can accommodate up to 300 people.

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Activities That You Can Do In Brunei

-----> Proboscis Monkey Tour

Tourist can have a tour that start from the Yayasan Jetty,using a local wooden boat into the mangrove swamp. The fare for this tour will only cost you BND$10. The cruise start along the Brunei river where they can observe the villagers life on the water village. They get the chance to see the largest residential palace 'Istana Nurul Iman'.If they are lucky, they can see crocodile.

As the boat cruises along the river, stop will be made as they want the tourist to try and spot the primate species of proboscis monkey. The proboscis monkey normally rests on the branches of the mangrove trees. The best time for tour is in the early morning so that tourist or visitors can have a closer look for the proboscis monkey. Then, the tour will end back to the Yayasan Jetty.

-----> Bird Watching in Sungai Seria Wetlands

For nature-enthusiasts, they can do a bird watching tour along Sungai Seria Wetlands which is one of Brunei's best places to see waterbirds,especially migratory birds. Birds that can be seen in this Seria Wetlands are at least six species of bird, the Oriental Darter, Chinese Egret,Lesser Adjutant,Malaysian Plover,Blacktailed Godwit and Asiatic Dowitcher. Other animals like little Egret,estuarine crocodile,Fiddler crab. In this Sungai Seria Wetland, they are also species of amphibians,reptiles and mammals. The best time for the bird watching is from October and by April.

-----> Fishing at Kampong Sungai Matan

Kampong Sungai Matan is one of the villages under Mukim Kota Batu. The village built to look much like water village, it is built half on land and half on water situated between Jalan Kota Batu and the Brunei river.

Several memorable and unforgettable activities that can be experienced when visiting Kampong Sungai Matan, you can experience the daily life of the villagers which is the lifestyle of the Bruneians during the old days, you can walk along the bridge to enjoy the scenery of Kampong Ayer. At Kampong Sungai Matan, you can catch fish or feed the fish. They are also entertainment that shows the cultural and traditional games like 'Congkak','Hadrah' and traditional dance.

Guest can also participate in producing the local products through the cottage industry like making dried prawns 'Udang Kering' processing, 'Keropok Lekor', prawn crackers and making local cakes. For visitors, they can take a tour on one of the boats to the Kampong Ayer at Mukim Kota Batu and see the natural wildlife.

To experience the fishing activities at Kampong Sungai Matan, it cost BND$55.00 for a minimum  of six person. While, for the Brunei River cruise, it cost BND$35.00 for a minimum of six person.

-----> Scuba Diving

Poni divers offering PADI scuba courses and guided tours at the Serasa beach to see underwater world filled with colourfull fishes and corals. They also offer underwater guided tours, scuba gear retail and rental, water sports lesson and rental, fishing and island-hopping trips.

Scuba diving is quickly becoming the sport in Brunei. For non-divers, this is the best chance for you to be a diver and to share your experience journey under the water.

----->>> ATV-All Terrain Vehicles

For people who loves to do hard adventure activities, there is a place where people can rent the ATV,which is in Tungku Beach. It only cost BND$5.00 per 15 minutes ride.

All Terrain Vehicle is hard adventure activities which also known as four wheeler.All Terrain Vehicle is like desert racing where the vehicles are for outdoor people who like to do extreme activity. This activity includes on dirt trails and other unpaved environment. This activity is suitable for outdoor people or as a person hobby.

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Tourist Attractions in Brunei

Places Of Tourist Attraction
*** For Nature Lovers, they can visit:

The entrance of the Ulu-Ulu Temburong National Park

----->>> Ulu-Ulu Temburong National Park Rainforest- This park is ideal for the nature lovers, where this park is away from stress of work and they can enjoy the green jewel of this untouched forest. Ulu-Ulu Temburong National park is located on the banks of Belalong river, so basically to get there we have to use a special boat called 'Temuai'. In this Ulu-Ulu Temburong Rainforest, there is a canopy which is long elevated walkaway where the visitors can climb up the scaffolding a very high about 3 to 4 storeys high, this will allows visitors to observe the rainforest from the tree-top and they will get panoramic view of the whole Temburong rainforest.

Long walkway and the scaffolding.
If the tourist or visitor want to stay there overnight, they can stay at the Ulu-Ulu Temburong Resort. In this Resort, they have offer comfort Villas and Rooms. Other than that, visitors can do any kind of activities in this Ulu-Ulu Temburong National Park Rainforest, such as trekking to waterfall which the fare cost BND$60.00, longboat ride BND$20.00, Kayaking BND$20.00, canopy walk BND$20.00, rafting, night jungle walk, medicinal trail, swimming and etc.

----->>> Tasek Lama
Waterfall in Tasek Lama
Tasek Lama- Tasek Lama Recreational Park is also known as 'Taman Peranginan Tasik Lama.' It is situated in Bandar Seri Begawan. Tasek Lama Park offers leisure on well-made walkaways through the small park which has benches and picnic spots, as well as waterfall and ponds with water lilies. The park is equipped with modern infrastructure provided by the Government which can be utilized by visitors. Among them is refloxology site. It is made from special stones where stroller can have foot massage after a tiring walk using the natural resources method.

Solid block for rock climbing

Reflexology stones
 The park also provides activities for hard adventure like the wall for climbing, which is situated near the waterfall. There is a platform where people can just have picnic or relax by the side of the natural resources and enjoy the beauty of the flora and fauna.

----->>> Bukit Shahbandar Forest Recreation Park

Bukit Shahbandar Forest Recreation Park-Bukit Shahbandar is Forest Recreation Park which is located in Muara Tutong highway of Bandar Seri Begawan. This forest is most challenging and wildest trails in the capital. This park is also one of the most popular trekking trails among the locals. For tourist who love to do hard adventure they can go to this forest recreation park,as this forest recreation park also provide mountain bike trail.

Small mushroom house in Bukit Shahbandar playground

Bukit Shahbandar Forest Recreation Park famous with sport activities like trekking and hiking to reach the hill peaks. People can see panoramic views towards Muara, across Bandar Seri Begawan and over Jerudong from the observation towers. Bukit Shahbandar also offers leisure on well-made walkways, benches, picnic spots, huts, man-made landscape and also mini playground for children to play.

**** For the Handicraft Lovers, they can visit to :
----->>> Tamu Kianggeh

The entrance of Tamu Kianggeh

Tamu Kianggeh is located at the heart of Bandar Seri Begawan,near the bank og Sungai Kianggeh across the chinese temple in Bandar. Tamu Kianggeh is actually 'Taman Peranginan Sungai Kianggeh', but commonly known as Tamu Kianggeh. 'Tamu' is an open day market. While, the name of Tamu Kianggeh is come form where the Tamu located at the bank of Sungai Kianggeh.

Small 'Takiding'

Colourful 'Tudung Dulang' that are sell in Tamu Kianggeh.

The peak hours of Tamu Kianggeh is in the early morning. The most highlight of Tamu Kianggeh is the handicraft that are originally made by the experience and expertise locals but, its low prices and high quality of product are the most value to the buyer. Other than local delicacies, Tamu Kianggeh also highlighting the traditional medicine that the local elders have sell such as traditional pre-wedding care and after birth care. Tourist can buy the local handicraft and also the traditional medicine as their souvenirs to bring home. For tourist who loves handicraft, they may find good bargains here as their souvenirs. The traders in Tamu Kianggeh also sell many old porcelain and jewelry such as ring stone, old Brunei and Chinese coins for tourist to have a look and buy.

----->>>Sumbangsih Mulia

Colourful of local delicacies

Sumbangsih Mulia located at the Kampong Beribi. Sumbangsih Mulia, often visited by the local people especially in the early morning and lunch hour. The most highlight of Sumbangsih Mulia is the food not only have great taste but also have affordable price, which range from as low as BND$1.00. Tourist can also freely choose different type of dishes as sumbangsih Mulia have offered local to western dishes.

'Takiding' and 'Nyiru'

'One of the huts that sell the local handicrafts'
Traders in Sumbangsih also sell  local handicrafts such as 'Takiding', Nyiru', 'Tudung Dulang', 'Bakul', 'Bubu', small handicraft that made as keychain and more. The local handicraft sell in the upper and lower floors of Sumbangsih Mulia are more and less the same, but it is more to 'Kain Tenunan' which is local weaved cloth like 'Kain Songket', 'Kain Tenunan Jongsarat', 'Songkok' and also old porcelain like 'Keris' or daggers. Tourist can buy this local handicraft as their souvenir.

Restaurant in Brunei

Eating Areas in Brunei

----->>> Mangrove Paradise Resort of Z'yan Restaurant 
                                (Seafood + Local Dishes)

 This Mangrove Paradise Resort is built to look much like 'Kampong Ayer'(water village),which was built above the water.Z'yan Restaurant offered a local dishes such as a set of 'Ambuyat',fresh seafood,Dim Sum,'Rojak',Dessert,Steamboat Corner,Soup Noodle,Salad and appetizer.

 Visitors can see the view of Brunei river,as the Mangrove Paradise Resort is situated on the bank of the Brunei River. From the resort,visitors can see the view of scattered houses of water village and they can also see several boat passing by the Brunei river.

----->>> Aminah Arif Restaurant (Malay + Bruneian Dishes)

This restaurant is a local restaurant which is famous for its local dishes of 'Ambuyat' set.Aminah Arif Restaurant have two main branches which is in Kiulap and Jerudong.
'Ambuyat' is a Bruneian dish derived from the interior trunk of the sago palm. It is eaten with 'Cacah', a hot spicy gravy made with chillies,shrimp,tamarind or lime and served hot.This restaurant also offer Brunei wet delicacies such as 'Kueh Sari Muka','Kusui','Bingka Keladi' and more.

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Accommodation In Brunei

----->>> Empire Hotel and Country Club
The interior design of the Empire Hotel

Empire Hotel and Country Club
This hotel is a 5 star hotel of a beach resort that facing the South China Sea. This resort is suitable for family vacations,romantic holidays or for business. This hotel also suitable for events and meetings,as the hotel provide hi-tech meeting facilities. If you want to be away from noise pollution, Empire Hotel is the best place to relax and away from stress.
The Deluxe room
 The Deluxe rooms are located at the main atrium building with Jerudong beach views and views of landscape garden. Meanwhile, Superior and Ocean rooms are located in external buildings. Deluxe,Superior and Ocean rooms are decorated elegantly.
Customer also can have a choice of either King or Twin beds.The room also include many special amenities. The specialities of this Empire Hotel is the Hotel have all the facilities for the guest to do sport such as Golf course,Tennis courts,Squash courts,Bowling Hall,The marine centre,facilities of badminton,table tennis,basketball and etc.

----->>> Rizqun Hotel
Rizqun Hotel lobby

Rizqun Hotel is a 4 star hotel, which located in the heart of Brunei central business district in Gadong. This hotel is suitable for people who like to linger around, as the hotel is also connected with Shopping Mall.
Rizqun Hotel swimming pool
 All the rooms and suites have a nice view of the Gadong area, offering travellers a choice of 168 rooms and suites which completely equipped with amenities and modern facilities. Among the hotel facilities is Rizqun Coffee House,Poolside Bar, Multi-Function Meeting rooms,spacious ballroom,business centre, 'Surau' for guest used, Spa at the poolside and more.

----->>> Centrepoint Hotel
Elegant stairs inside the Centrepoint Hote
Centrepoint Hotel is a 4 star hotel that located at the strategic area which is in Gadong. This hotel have 7 floors with 216 rooms. Centrepoint hotel offers Deluxe room and also different type of suite. The room also includes many special facilities such as broadband Internet Access,Mini Bar,International direct dial,Satellite Channel and more.

This hotel is suitable for tourist or guest who want to relax and linger around the Gadong area, tourist can just walk between the buildings.

Brunei Unique Culture and Heritage

The very unique culture of Brunei is 'Memukun'. Memukun is song that is usually sang by a group of elderly. It is usually accommpanied by the 'Gulingtangan', which is the Brunei tradisional music instrument. Memukun is always in duet. The song is actually a 'Pantun', where the was used to be 'selling', and the other person will be 'buying' the 'Pantun'.

This 'Memukun' is just for entertainment for the Kedayan community.

Entertainment in Brunei

----->>> Cinema

There are several cinemas in Brunei, which is The Mall Cineplex, The Empire, Kiulap Mall Cineplex. Customer can check the movie listing through online or on the Borneo Bulletin newspaper. The most popular cinema in Brunei is The Mall Cineplex. It is located on the third floor of The Mall Shopping Centre, Gadong Brunei which is the most popular entertainment and commercial area.

----->>> Shopping
The interior of The Mall, Gadong

Shopping is the biggest deal in Brunei. There are several sshopping mall in the capital city. The famous shopping centre in Brunei are The Mall Gadong, Yayasan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Foundation, Hua Ho Mall, Centrepoint Gadong, Tungku link and Kiulap commercial areas.

----->>> Arcade

Brunei also have Uni arcade entertainment for kids and teenagers. They have different type of games to play such as kiddy-rider and more. Uni arcade also provide a key box for karaoke with only BND$1.00 for 1 token, so adults also can go to this Uni-arcade. In order to play any games inside the Uni-arcade, you have to change your money into token first at the receptionist inside the arcade itself. Uni-arcade have many different branches, which is at The Mall, Yayasan, Hua Ho Mall Bunut and Seria branch.

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Health and Beauty in Brunei

----->>> Waty Armeyza Urut Traditional Brunei (Brunei Traditional Body Treatment)
At this Waty Armeyza, health and beauty care for women and men with the concept of traditional Brunei. They offer packages of traditional medicine of Brunei. They also offer traditional of Brunei massage,especially massage for women afetr giving birth and girls after having menstruation.
Bath tub of the Spa
Visitors can also see the Brunei traditional wedding care such as 'Bedak Lulur', which is for body scrubbing. 'Bedak Sajok' is for acne and pimples treatment and set of medicinal herb for mother after giving birth. They also have packages for wedding such as for the bride makeup touchup and grooming during the henna night, they even have the packages for the bride in all sessions, from bathing care with flower, 'Mandi Bunga' to the actual event makeup.

----->>> Fish Spa Treatment

Skin Renew in Menglait, Gadong introduces fish spa for the whole body. The Nibble fishes also known as a doctor fish,nibble away at the dead skin cells and at the same time enhances blood circulation by micro-massaging.

They also offer 20 minutes for massage and paraffin wax for feet treatment after the spa, it only cost BND$10.00 Having your feet massage after having it exfoliated by the little fishes is absolute pampering.There are BND$100.00 promotion for the 4 sessions of the half an hour of fish spa therapy, 10 minutes foot massage and 10 minutes paraffin wax for the feet.

----->>> Martha Tilaar Spa (Traditional Indonesian Body and Beauty Treatment)

Martha Tilaar Spa is located at Bandar Seri Begawan, Kampong Menglait Jalan Gadong. This Spa creates a soothing and relaxing environment that will relieve your stress and tension. This Spa provide treatment from 'head to toe'. Sanitation and cleanliness are the spa's top priority.

Luxurious body treatment such as the Body 'Ken Dedes', 'Lulur' for scrubbing, milk bath and more. They also provide facials using the product of Sari Ayu. The specialties of this Spa is the body treatment  which are from the natural ingredients of herbal origin.